Medico-Legal Importance of a Stab Wound

A stab wound is a penetrating injury that is caused by a sharp and/or pointed object. The object may be a knife, dagger, nail, needle, spear, arrow, screw driver etc. This type of wound usually occurs by driving the object into the body or from the body's pressing or falling against the object.

A stab wound is of importance as
- The shape of the wound gives a fair idea as to the class and type of weapon used to cause the injury
- The depth of the wound will indicate the force of penetration
- Relative positions of the assailant and the victim can be gauged from the direction and dimension of the wound
- It can determine the age of the injury
- Position, number and direction of wounds are indicators of the manner of producing such injuries i.e., suicide, accident, homicide
- If there is a broken fragment of a weapon found in the body, it will help in identifying the weapon and may also aid in establishing a link between the crime and the accused