What Are The Risks Associated With Stem Cell Therapy?

One of the risks associated with stem cell therapy is graft failure, which can cause serious bleeding and infection. This type of graft failure can be treated with a second dose of stem cells, but patients who suffer from graft failure must consult their doctor. In rare cases, the risks are so great that the patient can no longer tolerate the treatment. If this happens, they may have to undergo an unsuccessful second treatment or even die.

Another risk is graft failure, which happens when the stem cells given to a patient don't work properly. The cells don't go into the bone marrow and don't multiply in the way they are supposed to. This occurs more frequently in patients whose stem cells are unmatched or have been sanitized, or whose stem cells have low numbers of T-cells.

While stem cells have been shown to be highly beneficial for people with blood cancer, there are other potential risks. If stem cells are improperly removed from the body or aren't manipulated after extraction, they can cause disease or infection. And, in some rare cases, the transplant can lead to the recurrence of the disease.

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