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The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) exam is a competitive examination conducted by the Bihar Public Service Commission to recruit candidates for various administrative posts in the state of Bihar, India. The exam is conducted in three stages: the preliminary exam, the main exam, and the interview.

Stages of the Exam

The first stage of the BPSC exam is the preliminary exam, which is a multiple-choice question (MCQ) based test. This exam assesses the candidate's knowledge of current affairs, general studies, and aptitude. The purpose of the preliminary exam is to screen candidates and shortlist them for the main exam.

The second stage of the BPSC exam is the main exam, which is a written test. The main exam tests the candidate's knowledge in the chosen subject, as well as their analytical and writing skills. The main exam also includes a general studies paper, which is common for all candidates, and an optional paper, in which candidates can choose a subject from a list of options. This stage of the exam is designed to evaluate the candidate's knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply their knowledge.

The final stage of the BPSC exam is the interview, which is conducted by a panel of experts. The interview assesses the candidate's personality, communication skills, and overall suitability for the job. The interview is also an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate their motivation and interest in the position.

Preparing for the exam

It is also important to be aware of the changing pattern and syllabus of the examination. The BPSC has recently updated its syllabus for the preliminary and main exams, so it is important for candidates to be aware of these changes.

Without proper guidance, preparing for the BPSC exam can prove to be a tough task. However, with mentorship and direction, the process can be made much more manageable.

MyOnlinePrep is an excellent resource for candidates preparing for the BPSC exams. The website offers a comprehensive range of resources and courses that are designed to help candidates prepare effectively and increase their chances of success in the exams. It is an ideal choice for candidates looking for a comprehensive, efficient and effective BPSC exam preparation tool.

This website is a one-stop-shop for all your BPSC exam preparation needs. The mock tests offered on the website are designed to simulate the actual BPSC exams and provide a realistic experience. It also offers previous year question papers with detailed solutions and video courses for all the related subjects in the exam.

Overall, the BPSC exam is a comprehensive and challenging process that assesses the candidates' knowledge, skills, and suitability for the administrative posts in the state of Bihar. By going through these stages, the BPSC ensures that only the most qualified and capable candidates are selected for these important roles, thus providing the best service to its citizens.


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