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The USA is considered a pioneer for democracy by the international society. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Anti-Asian Hate (AAH) Movements have shown racism and xenophobia are deeply embedded in the USA. Black and Asian communities have had a continuous fight against the system and the s

The “STOP ASIAN HATE” or “ANTI-ASIAN HATE” movement has taken the United States of America by storm. After the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement in June 2020, the consequence of the police killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, it was established that xenophobia and racism run deep within the very system which is meant to protect its citizens. The BLM Movement started in 2013 and is still fighting against systemic racism in the United States of America; Stop Asian Hate is just adding to this ongoing battle. “Stop Asian Hate” started as a consequence of the shootings at 3 massage parlours in Georgia and Atlanta resulting in the death of 8 including 6 women of Asian descent. The reason behind these shootings is still unknown, but it is being seen as a hate crime against the Asian-American community. The accused is a 21-year-old white male and it is believed that the accused had a sex addiction and “an issue with porn”. Additionally, they claimed that spas served as a  ‘temptation’ for the white male that he wanted to eliminate. This indicates that it’s not just a hate crime against a community, but women in general.  The shooting in Georgia and Atlanta just adds to the deranged mindset of the white supremacist society in the USA. The Stop Asian Hate, ‘AAH’ Movement,  was foreseen and the pandemic acted like an instigator for the movement to start. After BLM, AAH has spread across the country like a wildfire and is being supported by BLM protestants and the civilized part of the society whereas the other “civilized” part of the society, which generally consists of the white supremacists and the ‘woke’ citizens, has been proposing “All Lives Matter'' movement as a response to BLM in 2020. These movements were started to raise awareness about rights and discrimination being faced by ethnic and racial minorities and many  Hollywood stars and musicians have been supporting it vigorously as well.

The Black Community in the US has always been supported by the Asian Community because a lot of Asians had come out to support the BLM Movement despite the pandemic being in full swing. In the current AAH protests and rallies, the same support has been shown by their fellow racially discriminated communities. This reflects the unity amongst the discriminated communities in the US and the neglect towards the rights of these communities by the very citizens of the US. It is funny how a country whose economy and workings depend on the migrants has always subjected them to such atrocious acts and crimes and this makes us question the role of the US as the pioneer of sovereignty, democracy, and peace. 

These movements serve as a reminder of the discrepancies between people of colour and white people of the state and being a person of colour, this is a part of reality for us. This Movement is bigger than a person or a country, it directly links to humanity and the societal part of it. It is about ensuring that everyone, no matter where they come from or however they identify themselves, forms a very integral part of society and for that society to survive, they should be treated with equal respect by the other members of the society and the authorities as well. The AAH Movement serves as a reminder for everyone that even though we may be free from oppression, xenophobia and racism have their deep roots in the so-called “developed nations” like the USA and the UK. ‘Safe’ and ‘progressive’ nations use their economic and political strength as a facade to hide the dark side of their society; and when they are called out for it, the weak face the ugly consequences leading to the formation of the BLM and AAH Movement.

Shambhavi Shrivastava 2 years ago

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