Gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi

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Consult Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi, for flat masculine chest. High patient satisfaction, affordable Male breast reduction cost in Delhi.

Gynecomastia is a condition that affects males and is characterized by an enlargement or overdevelopment of the breast tissue, thereby giving a feminine chest appearance. The swelling of breast tissue is mainly attributed to a hormonal imbalance (i.e. low testosterone and high estrogen levels) at the time of puberty or aging. This condition is referred to as true gynecomastia. In some cases, stubborn fat deposits can result in enlarged breasts, this is called pseudo gynecomastia. The first symptom of having gynecomastia is the presence of a lump of fatty tissue under the nipple which sometimes feels tender or sore. It can be treated by tissue excision or/and liposuction technique performed at Aestiva Clinic by an expert Gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Mrinalini Sharma. To get a masculine chest with gynecomastia surgery, schedule an appointment today!