SOLIS has been Transforming the Face of Agricultural Machinery with its Innovative and Technology

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SOLIS S50 is the epitome of toughness when it comes to delivering exceptional performance on the fields. This strong and sturdy tractor maximises output and is the perfect farming professional.

For a farmer, a tractor is more than just a machine. Tractors are the bare necessity for farming since they can easily provide machine power for performing a plethora of farm applications. Apart from the routine landscape maintenance, lawn care, clearing bushes spreading fertilizers tractors are used to pull a variety of farm equipment for ploughing, planting, harvesting cultivating crops.
Now that we have explained the importance of tractors, it is also important to understand how efficiency and versatility are crucial for tractors.
A versatile or efficient farm tractor is said to be the one that not only makes farming easier but also saves time, fuel and energy, like Solis tractors!
Loaded with smart ergonomics and the latest features, these farm tractors are everything you need. Our farm champions are known to be the toughest among all the mini tractor in the industry as these farm experts aim to deliver nothing less than exceptional results on any terrain and that too with smooth controls. We believe that with Solis tractors, you can transform your farming experience into an exhilarating experience by taking your endeavours beyond limits.

Our Agri experts, are known to conquer every terrain or construction site that you can think of under minimal to low maintenance thus creating a benchmark of versatility. You can take any Solis tractor be it compact or narrow and witness power, potential and performance at its best.

With a reach in 140+ countries, with a workforce of 5500+ dedicated employees, we have come a long way. With more than 1,200,000 happy and satisfied customers globally, currently, Solis is the world’s top 5th tractor manufacturer, offering a wide range of 18-120 HP range of tractors while setting new benchmarks in the tractor industry through powerful competence and advanced technologies.

At Solis, we are extremely delighted to offer you our versatile and smart tractors that come equipped with an efficient engine to provide high power in fields with breathtaking results. Solis as a brand always endeavours to work towards sustainability with advanced mechanisms. Today, as we move towards, we are also expanding our footprints around the globe, because at Solis, believe in delivering reliability with world-class technology and high-end services.

Benefits of choosing Solis Compact Tractors

  • Solis compact farm tractors never disappoint their users in terms of expectations. These tractors can work in small farms, private yards for industrial purposes, snow removal, and transmit heavy material loads.

* These models are specially made to help you deal with every problem, whether small or big. They will drive their users smoothly through any difficulties. They are the best compact tractors to go with and can work in muddy soil conditions without harming the ground.

*  Solis compact tractors for sale are made to perform in all kinds of terrains, be they tough, muddy, sloping, or snowy. Its dynamically balanced body and practical traction ability that holds the perfect grip of land allows its users to work effortlessly on fields.

* Due to its compact size, this machine can help you with all the activities that a big machine cannot do. It can proficiently clean up your yards and remove the thick layers of snow with utmost comfort.

 Since its inception in 1969, SOLIS has been transforming the face of agricultural machinery with its innovative technology. The company has been committed to providing extensive and cost-efficient solutions to the farming community. At present, SOLIS is among the top 3 tractor manufacturing companies in India and the 6th largest globally. With its eminent presence in 140+ countries, the company has been delivering top notch tractors to suit the diverse needs of every farmer. This is made possible with the collective efforts of 5500 dedicated employees, with 400+ engineers in RD. SOLIS has a production capacity of 300,000 tractors per year and thus, has been enriching and empowering farmers all across the globe.

SOLIS S50 is the epitome of toughness when it comes to delivering exceptional performance on the fields. This strong and sturdy tractor maximises output and is the perfect farming professional. The best match for all your farming as well as gardening needs, this efficient tractor is built to survive all kinds of terrains. Equipped with a powerful natural aspirated 3 cylinder engine, S50 runs smoothly without making a lot of noise. The heavy duty 4 wheel drive of this tractor complements its high back up torque and high lifting capacity of up to 1600kg and thus allowing heavier and larger implements to be used with ease. The tractor has an impressive engine speed of 2100 RPM and PTO speed of 540 RPM, which enhances the farming experience. Moreover, S50 is powered with a competent constent mesh/synchromesh8F+2R/12F+12R transmission which takes productivity several notches higher.

What sets apart SOLIS S50 from its competitors is the way it enhances the complete user experience with its advanced safety and comfort features. The oil immersed brakes legitimizes complete independence even in extreme conditions and is more durable. Power steering helps in reinforcing the traction capability and reduces operational stress for the user. Other features include auto hitch, neutral safety switch, fuel indicator gauge and ROPS. When it comes to comfort, this tractor exceeds expectations and is equipped with a spacious cabin to enhance the driver’s comfort. The tractor has an illuminated dashboard and adjustable, sprung seat with safety belt which facilitates convenience and enhances productivity. The sleek and stylish bonnet exudes a sense of modernity and dynamism.