Do Duolingo English Mock Tests Carry Negative Marking?

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The answer you would give for a question would essentially determine the base for the next question. So, no matter whether it’s a Duolingo English mock test or the final paper, you got to be well-prepared for the drill. Now, the question is “how?”.

The Duolingo English test is all about assessing and measuring your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. When it comes to the context of negative marking or analysing the fact whether the examination carries negative marking in the first place, let me tell you, the answer is “yes”. The unanswered question of the Duolingo test carries negative markings. The answer you would give for a question would essentially determine the base for the next question. So, no matter whether it’s a Duolingo English mock test or the final paper, you got to be well-prepared for the drill. Now, the question is “how?”. 

What should essentially be an ideal way to appear for the Duolingo English test? How to avoid the odds of negative marking? Too eager to figure out the bigger picture?

Take some time to read this blog and know how to nail your next Duolingo exam without falling victim to the clutches of negative marking. 

Happy reading! 


  • Practice daily 

As important as anything, you got to practice and prepare for your Duolingo English test on a regular basis. Take note of the following suggestions and never look back. 

  • Keep an eye out for the latest trends in the Duolingo English test. 
  • Try appearing for a Duolingo sample test and see how you are performing out there. 
  • Get accustomed to the essentialities of Computer Adaptive Testing or CAT. 
  • Never in your life ever skip a day at preparing for Duolingo speaking exercises. 

Now that you are aware of the broader dimension, keep referring to more of such ideas and suggestions and win the Duolingo game like a pro. 

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  • Get to know the question types 

This is yet another crucial point of concern. Unless you get to know about the Duolingo question types and formats, things would forever appear to be challenging and complicated. Now that you are wondering how to know and master the Duolingo question types, here’s everything you need to know 

  • Look for the latest Duolingo exam formats. 
  • See whether the question types and difficulty levels are at par with your area of study or specialization. 
  • Practice the task of choosing between real English words and fake English words. 
  • Try listening to a sentence and typing it out in the correct manner. 
  • Read sentences out loud and record yourself. 
  • See if your activities and area of practice are at par with the Duolingo exam format. 
  • Try speaking for a couple of minutes on any given topic and see how things are working out down the road. 

Simply refer to each of the suggestions as mentioned above, and never miss out on adding a dash of academic excellence, thus, avoiding the odd consequences of negative markings. 


  • Refer to the Duolingo test official guide 

This is yet another key area of concern and apparently a good-to-go suggestion for students wondering how to defy the odds of negative marking during the Duolingo test. This particular suggestion goes out to one and all. For an Indian studying abroad or a student belonging to a different nationality; referring to the Duolingo official guide will always work wonders for them. The idea is to go through the official guide of the Duolingo test, read through each and every key inclusion out there, and identify the areas of improvement accordingly. Wondering how to get the guide handy? Simply visit the official website and download the pocket guide for an academically seamless career ahead. 


  • Invest enough time in preparing for the final day 

As mentioned earlier in this blog, you should invest enough time and keep practising until the last minute. Now let’s delve deeper into the context and take a look at the broader avenue in this matter. 

  • Start practisingat least a month prior to the potential exam date. 
  • Do not stress too much; consider taking short breaks in between, instead. 
  • Get the hang of a good vocabulary and real-world English dialects to be precise. 
  • Set your own deadline and try wrapping up certain exercises within that stipulated frame of time. 

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Parting Thoughts, 

Now that you are done reading this blog, let me feel safe to assume the fact that you are now well aware of what it takes to avoid and defy the odds of Duolingo test negative marking. So, keep referring to more of such blogs, hone great skills, and combat all academic odds of the Duolingo test like a champ. After all, perfecting the Duolingo exam essentialist is an art only a few can ever master, and you are definitely one of them.


Cheers and good luck!