Laser Leather Engraving

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Something you should know about leather laser engraving

Something you should know about leather laser engraving

The Sculpfun laser engraving machine makes it easy to cut intricate patterns and small details in leather without damaging the material, so a sculpfun semiconductor (diode) laser will help you on your way. sculpfun recommends using a semiconductor (diode) laser with an output power of 10 watts laser power output or higher. Using a higher power laser will significantly reduce the time it takes to cut or engrave and allow thicker samples to be cut.

About Leather Hand Engraving

Every leather craftsman, whether professional or amateur, knows what a painstaking process leather engraving is. Those who have been or are new to carving leather goods cannot help but marvel at the beauty and beauty of the work. But few people know how hand engraving is done in practice.Hand engraving is a complex process that requires experience and skill .

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Leather Laser Engraving Steps

You will need a special composition or temporary mixture to moisturize the leather for this process. The next step is to create a pattern on the surface of the leather. For this you will need tracing paper and tools such as an empty ballpoint pen or serrated roller marker. In this way, you will leave your drawing mark on the surface of the leather. After this, you can set up the engraving. The treated leather should remain moist. Leather engraving uses various tools: a rotary knife for leather cutting, a set of stamps for sanding, and a linden tree for punching holes.

Leather engraving is a rather complex and time-consuming process. Any mistake can spoil the appearance of the item. For quality work, you need special tools for different purposes. But there is one tool that can combine and replace them all. This is the laser. 

Leather engraving is very popular

Today, leather engraving with Sculpfun S10 laser engraving machine is quite popular and in high demand. No wonder! laser engraver suitables for leather engraving and cutting are easy to find, use and maintain. They do not require much space and even low power machines can perform a large number of operations and tasks.

The Sculpfun S30 Pro Max laser engraving machine is able to create embossed patterns on the surface of leather independent of its thickness. The more powerful the machine, the faster it can do it, but low-powered machines can also cut leather with ease.It can make reliefs as deep as 0.3 mm in just one pass, regardless of the type of leather: elk leather, herringbone leather, suede. More powerful machines such as the 20W DPSS can easily cut leather up to 2 mm thick at 500 mm/min. To cut thicker materials, you simply need to reduce the speed.

But the key advantage of the laser is its high precision. No artist can draw an image on the surface of leather as perfectly as a laser beam. Any soft copy pattern can be precisely engraved on leather.

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