5 Skills that are the fastest to 99 in OSRS

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The OSRS Guide to the Fastest Skills will show you the abilities that are most efficient from level 1 to level 99, based on the duration of the session, not necessarily the number of hours spent. This means that this guide won't be included items such as farming or Birdhouse runs sin

Fastest OSRS Skills To Level 99


Fletching - The Most Fast OSRS 99 Skill

Fletching is currently the title holder of the Fastest Old School Runescape 1-99 Skill. The main reason for this is Dart Fletching.


This is the fastest way to achieve Fletching from 1 up 100, but we need to warn you that it comes with an astronomical price of around 150M OSRS GP. This is what you must complete Step by step!


Prayer - The Second Most Fast OSRS 99

If you're not exhausted from the million clicks you've gone through to get 99 Fletching, then you're now on the next level because next on our list of five fastest OSRS skills to 99 is prayer!


The fastest method to reach 99 with Prayer is to use Dagannoth bones. It will get you up to level 70 after which you'll be able to begin using Superior dragon bones. If you're using a manual click method and you are able to hit 99 within 10 hours. It will cost around 200 million OSRS gold to finish.


For those simply reading and drooling over the fact that they cannot afford the price that is listed on the price be assured that there's a way to get around it!


Utilizing Ensouled Heads in conjunction with the Dwarf Multicannon complimented with 93 Magic, which allows you to the ability to animate Dragon Heads you can expect to lower the cost to 63M gold. Isn't this insane?


Bob the Builder can you fix it? But you can receive 99 Construction!

The next option next on the list is Construction It is an easy method so long as you have gold available to spend. In terms of the fastest method of achieving 99 is concerned it is to create Crude Wooden Chairs to reach the level of 19. Then , Oak Chairs will bring you to 33. This process will take about an hour. From there, it will take an additional hour to create Oak Larders to take you to level 52.


It is now necessary to create Mahogany Tables until you reach the level of 77. This will grant you the ability to create Gnome Benches which takes about 19 hours to get to 99 at the moment you reach this level. The problem of this could be costly, clocking around 182M gold an hour.


In order to save some money, you can make Dungeon Doors from level 74 after you have made Oak Larders. The cost will be less than half the price Gnome Benches would cost, however, it can take up to 40 hours finish.


Then we'll have Cooking on the 4th spot!

You can anticipate to have 99 meals in only 24 hours, that's exactly a whole day without breaks, not even a bathroom break!


As a joke it's also one of the most affordable 99s that you can buy on Old School Runescape when taking into account how quickly it can be obtained, the price is only 20 million gold!


We've got it right, making Jugs of Wine is not really the most efficient way to reach 99, so you may be thinking, how do I get a 1 tick Karambwans in the first place? Be sure to read carefully as we're about to show you how to do some difficult things!


To make them 1-tick it is necessary to press the space bar or 2 button on your keyboard. You can then use raw Karambwan with a fire or range for each game tick, so each time 0.6 seconds. It may take some time to get used to the rhythm, but after you've practiced for a couple of minutes and you'll soon get knack of it.


At the level of 30, you'll be burning lots of them, and then you stop burning them at level 99 . however, when you use the Hosidius kitchen the limit is 93. With the top Kourend diary, 10% you stop burning at 89.


The last but not least is The art of fire!

If you search for the most simple ability to gain to 99, a lot of people will say it's firemaking. It is a highly sought-after ability among players who want to reach the level 99 as fast as they can, and it can also be a profitable option for players too.


The reason it is widely regarded as the most simple skill begins with the lighting standard and Maple logs, which you can reach the level 50 within 35 minutes. We're only at the halfway mark here (in regards to level and not XP) and you are able to participate in the Wintertodt. It's a mini-game that is a boss type game, and is focused on your abilities. Based on the way you tackle the Wintertodt it could mean that you're playing for as long as 65 hours or more. To maximize the benefits of the Wintertodt it is recommended to try to stay clear of Fletching to earn the most earnings from XP. It's an easy method of achieving 99 and you'll earn a good money along the way.


Last Thoughts on These 99 Speediest Skills

We'd like to begin by reiterating the importance of Take breaks, and by all is it recommended spending 30 to 35 hours in a row as it is extremely unhealthy and could lead to serious health issues!


If you're one of the daredevils who are out there, at your own risk, you're free to try one of the skills mentioned above and we'll guarantee you'll get the 99 mark within the approximate range we've provided!


Probemas Probemas believe that these five skills provide ways to achieve 99 times faster and more efficiently than other abilities in OSRS. We must be careful, however, the more efficient the technique, the more expensive it will be.