Those new to Diablo 2's Resurrected Faith Runeword will find the Resurrected Faith Runeword Base Guide to be a comp

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Several restrictions on requirements for strength, dexterity, and character level are unnecessary, and they should be avoided at all costs, according to the authors

Several restrictions on requirements for strength, dexterity, and character level are unnecessary, and they should be avoided at all costs, according to the authors. For example, if two bows both deal the same amount of average damage, it is preferable to choose which of the two bows deals the greatest amount of minimum damage, as this is the most cost-effective choice.(Now, don't you think that's what I mean by a dependable leech?)

Due to a scarcity of amazon-specific bows and crossbows, rogues are unable to use these weapons against their targets.


A crossbow will not be considered for inclusion on this list at any point during the game's development because there is no way to get it to 7 fpa in this game due to the way the animations work in this game.


1. Given that we are now in the 1

2. 13b era of Diablo II, the creation of a Fortitude will no longer serve as a barrier to the construction of an Aegis Bowazon, as previously stated in the game

3.  The process of creating any other type of damage armor would be significantly more time-consuming and resource-intensive than the process of simply finding or trading a Lo rune would have been had you done so

4.  Consider the following scenario: you have armor with a useful suffix and potential prefix, and Diablo 2 resurrected runes for sale has 160% ED/60% IAS click to see, and you are also playing the game's version 1

7. 07 at the same time as well

You should keep in mind that, in my opinion, 8 frames per second on a Bowazon when using a costly weapon such as the Faith is not an acceptable level of performance, especially when using a specialized weapon like the Faith. A number of my points of contention will be built on top of this understanding of the situation and the issues involved.

Having failed to obtain four os with the Spider Bow, we are left with nine elite bows, each of which has a weapon speed modifier (WSM) value of -10, 0, or 10, depending on the difficulty level, for each of the three difficulties.

The removal of Hydra and Ward Bow from the game is the first step toward achieving this condition's fulfillment. In terms of difficulty, this is the most difficult requirement to meet out of all of them.

The first step would be to eliminate common bows that are simply worse than others based solely on their stats, which are easy to determine.

Given that every elite bow has a level requirement less than 65 (the level requirement for a Jah rune), this requirement has no bearing on our decision-making.

The fact that she will almost certainly be wearing War Travellers means that she will have at least 105 strength; 95 strength is required in order to equip WTs, and an additional 10 strength is gained by donning them. According to this definition, any rogue with at least 107 strength is considered to be a level 65 character. This means that the only bows against which strength can be raised in opposition are the Great Bow, Hydra bow, and Grand Matron bow. All of these bows require at least 107 strength to be raised in opposition. In this case, the Amazon must only be considered in terms of the GMB, and I am confident that she will be able to convert the three additional points into a competitive advantage in this field.

Considering that she can obtain the Shadow Bow by level 65 if she has at least 159 dexterity, it's possible that the Spear of Destiny will be the only bow that she will be unable to obtain at that time. The fact that none of the dex requirements have been met means that there is no significant barrier to entry for an Amazon to enter the marketplace.

Weapon Speed Modifier (WSM) 10 is shared by both the Hydra and the Crusader Bow in their current versions, meaning they both move at the same speed and deal the same amount of damage in combat as they did in previous versions of the weapon. Hydra Bow, on the other hand, has significantly higher requirements and a lower minimum damage than Crusader Bow, resulting in it performing significantly worse than the latter in terms of overall performance and efficiency.

For example, the Ward Bow and Diamond Bow have identical WSMs, average damage, and unproblematic requirements; however, the minimum damage dealt by the Diamond Bow is 13 points higher than the minimum damage dealt by the Ward Bow, indicating that the Diamond Bow is significantly more powerful than the Ward Bow in these circumstances, as shown in the table below. Even though personal preference is the most important factor, the Diamond Bow outperforms the other two options available in terms of dependability and consistency of performance.

The second point to mention is the exclusion of an Amazon store that is affiliated with a religious organization from consideration.

The choices become much more straightforward if we do not want our Rogue or another class to be able to use the Faith in combat or any other way. Compared to the other two WSM -10 bows, the GMB and the Matriarchal Bow deal significantly more average damage (by more than 10%) on a per-target basis. Comparing the GMB to the other two WSM -10 bows, the GMB deals significantly more average damage than the other two. The Matriarchal Bow also deals significantly more average damage than the other two WSM -10 bows combined, making it the most damaging of the three.

The fact that we won't have to worry about the Rogue's ability to equip a Shadow Bow means that D2R ladder PS items will be a better option for us than the Diamond Bow, which will be more restrictive as a result. As a result, the Matriarchal Bow, the Shadow Bow, and the Grand Matron Bow have all been created to represent different aspects of women's history, and each is unique in its own way.

When it comes to damage optimization, it is widely believed that the Grand Matron Bow mounted on a Freezing Arrow Amazon is the most efficient and effective possible base. When it comes to damage optimization and efficiency, the Grand Matron Bow on a Freezing Arrow Amazon, on the other hand, is widely regarded as the worst available option.

When deciding on a first Faith and a low runewealth, the following factors should be taken into account:

It's possible that some of you are curious about how many rerolls it takes to reach various levels of Fanaticism depending on your religion, particularly if you don't have a stash of spare Jah runes lying around. Consider the following scenario as an illustration:

For a 99% chance of getting a level 14-15 Fanaticism, an average of seven rolls will be required. The five probabilities in the upper right corner represent the average number of rolls required.

Making three Faiths and knowing that you have a less than one in fifty chance of getting a level twelve fanatic if you're wealthy may seem reasonable, but attempting to avoid getting a level twelve or thirteen fanatic will put you in a state of poverty.

It's no secret that many players are terrified of the level 12 Fanaticism roll for a variety of reasons, and this is no different. Most of the time, the solution is straightforward, and it is as follows:

In order to reach level 13 or higher with a WSM 10 bow (Hydra, Crusader, or Grand Matron Bow) while under the influence of a Faith (either her own or that of a mercenary), an Amazon must have 100% Increased Attack Speed (IAS) or 95% Increased Attack Speed (IAS) in order to reach level 14.

Due to the fact that you cannot wear the Razortail while wearing the glove and belt slots at the same time, using all four slots at the same time will result in an IAS of exactly 95%, which is an extremely rare occurrence in this game, but it does happen occasionally. This means that in order to achieve this level of performance, you will need to use either your bow or your armor, which means that you will only be able to achieve this level of performance if you use one of these items. If your bow does not have any IAS (for example, Faith), you will not be able to use Fortitude and achieve 7fpa at the same time if your bow lacks IAS.

When using Windforce as your primary weapon, it will be possible to use Razortail and Fortitude at the same time even if you do not socket it with additional IAS. You will still achieve 7fpa when using Windforce as your secondary weapon. You should keep in mind that it has been discovered that combining Faith in the Amazon with Pride in a Mighty mercenary is the most dangerous combination that can be created!

The process of developing IAS-based body armor that outperforms Fortitude is, of course, significantly more difficult than the process of developing a Fortitude in the first place.

In the event that you do not get the short end of the stick on your first attempt, using a WSM 10 bow for the first time can be extremely dangerous, especially if you do not have enough rune wealth to allow for the possibility of rerolling. Thus, the list of bows available for a poor man's Faith is reduced to the WSM -10 bow and zero other bows (excluding the Ward Bow), for a total of five bows available for a poor man's Faith.